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What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme provides the design “framework” of your website. Most provide:

  • The overall design (the look, feel and style) of your site
  • Site-wide font styles
  • Color scheme
  • Styles for blog posts and blog archives
  • Page layouts (or templates)
  • Widget locations
  • Additional stylistic details


Some themes operate like WordPress page builders, allowing you to create your own page layouts without code.

  • Themes can be added via the Appearance > Themes menu in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Using the built-in search function, you can find a free theme available on the WordPress.org
  • Themes can also be packaged as zip files that you upload through the Appearance > Themes menu uploader in your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress Theme Tutorials

Here are two WordPress theme tutorials:

  • What is a WordPress Theme? – A WordPress theme provides all of the front end styling of your WordPress site. Most WordPress themes provide the overall design or style of your site, font styling, colors, widget locations, page layouts (or templates) styles for blog posts and blog archives and additional stylistic details.
  • How to Install a WordPress Theme – In addition to the default theme included with your WordPress installation, you can also install your own WordPress theme to change the look and style of your site.

If you are new in WordPress then first you have to know ” WHAT IS WORDPRESS

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