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Web Design Company Lahore – There are hundreds of types of websites to suit your specific purpose. For example, if you are like a corporate entity, you may go for a minimal website look. However, for eCommerce stores, the website is more likely a selling tool where selling of products becomes a priority than presenting a brand image. Our team is experienced enough to listen to you, understand your requirements, read your business model, and then suggest a more appropriate website model that will surely generate business for you.

We are extremely willing to talk to you and explore various options that will lead to achieving your website goals. Just visit our contact us page to drop us a quick inquiry and our team will get back to you with more details.

Over the advanced years, we have been fortunate to work with various business verticals. A typical website design process starts with an online or offline discussion with the client to understand the prospective website’s objectives, audience, geographic targeting, design preference, color choices, and functional areas to be developed. The initial discussion typically lays down the core framework for the website which is later refined over the period of the development cycle and finally the website gets ready for deployment.

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We create professional websites all over the world. Pak web Idea specialize in WordPress, PHP, Html5, Bootstrap, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript. We also provide CMS Development, Ecommerce Development, WordPress, Payment Gateway Integration. Online shopping store, web portal, and web applications. Professional SEO / SEM consulting services (on-page / off-page). Hire a web designer and Web Design Company Lahore in Pakistan. Developing well-designed and attractive websites is the basis of our business. We care about planning, designing, developing, and marketing, so likewise you get all your required essentials under one roof.

Website Designing & Development Process

We believe that your website is your important business tool. We have matured our website design process over the years to suit organizations of all sizes. Here are the typical steps we take during most of the website design processes.

Web Page Requirement Analysis

Our team will do an online or offline meeting with the client to understanding their website requirements. We put a key focus on analyzing the end objectives of how the client intends its website to contribute to his/her business. The requirements analysis covers various aspects such as choice of design, color scheme, target audience, geographic targeting, functional elements, customer experience, and everything that can help us dig deep enough to come up with the best possible solution.

Contract Finalization

Based on the gathered website requirements, we’ll send a detailed business proposal to the client highlighting all the major elements to be designed/developed in the prospective website. The quote will also include cost and time commitments. In addition to this, the proposal will include the general terms of the contract.

Website Design Mockups

Once we go into the contract as web design company Lahore, our designer and analyst will discuss design preference, and based on already collected requirements, one or more design mock-ups will be created. For simpler projects, a single layout may be enough. However, for major projects, multiple screens will be designed to show the look and feel of the interfaces, user experience, and different functional areas of the project.

Basic Working Prototype

On finalization of the design mock-ups and general functional interfaces, our web development teams come into play and the project development process gets started. In this phase our developers write code, build a database and eventually bring the mock-ups to life. Our testing team works alongside to make the project bug-free to the maximum.

Project Delivery

On completion of the development and testing phase, we notify the client of the completion of the project. Typically, the project is launched on a test server so that client can have a look and test. Any issues and fixes are done based on client feedback.


Web design and development projects need to be deployed to the client’s domain/hosting platform. Our company provides domain and hosting services. However, a client may provide their own domain/hosting setup and our team will deploy the website live on the provided credentials. Even after the deployment of the websites, our team will make a test of the website on the live environment and notify the client.

Customer Feedback & Fixes

The client gets the website live and keeps testing it. In case of any issues or problems, our team works with the client to fix those problems.

Customer Training

This is the final and integral part of the closure of the project where our team guides the client on various technical aspects of the project. We provide user manuals (if committed). And we also provide user training so that the client has no problem managing the newly launched website.

Web Development & Web Design Company Lahore

Pak Web Idea is known as one of the top web development companies in Lahore with experience of 6+ years. We develop custom websites as well as dynamic websites along with PHP/Laravel technologies and CMS frameworks like WordPress or Joomla, provide simple, direct, and cost-effective solutions to websites. If you are looking for a simple website design that works as a business online or complex websites that functions as an electronic business or marketplace, we will recommend you to choose frameworks that will best approach your site. We build your online business using a flexible, modular platform that allows you to be in reach of leading online marketplaces in your target area. In addition, we make much online software that is running in high-level rank and has outclassed performance as a web design company Lahore. In addition to overcoming the logistics challenge, we also provide a long chain market online.

Website Development Life Cycle

1) Gathering Information:
First, we gain information and gather requirements from our clients to produce max output according to customer satisfaction.
2) Planning:
At this stage of web development, our team creates the data according to a customer to give an opportunity to check how the entire look of the site looks. On the basis of information and requirements our team brainstorm to plan a process to progress the site.
3) Design:
During this phase, the design is shaped for the website.  All the visual content like images, photos videos, and all other content is prepared.
4) Content writing and compiling:
Compiling sometimes overlaps with other creating phases of a website but this role can’t be underestimated. At this step, it’s very important to write each aspect of the website very clearly to communicate with the audience.
5) Coding:
At this step, you finally start developing the website. Graphical representations that have been designed during the previous stages should be used to create an actual website.
6) Testing:
Finally, after the website has completely built and developed. Now it’s time to check and test each function for attaining our maximum results.
7) Launching:
Lastly, the web application has to be launched for users so that they can interact with and update us about the feedback.

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